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Services and Benefits

If you search for a suitable hotel for your holiday, Hotelio offers you many advantages.

1. Before you are registered as a tenant

  1. You can be informed about all holiday accommodations offered at Hotelio and you can already use all search functions. Also the detailed views of the hotels are already displayed.
  2. You can, if a landlord states a link to a private or to a personal Hotelio website, activate the private website of the landlord or the personal Hotelio website of the landlord via this link.
  3. You can send inquiries concerning hotels to the landlords.

2. If you are registered as a tenant

  1. You can see the contact information of the landlords in the detailed view of the offered hotels and send inquiries to the landlords.
  2. You can directly send an inquiry via the displayed contact information of the landlords or contact the landlords by phone or fax.
  3. You can save the hotels appealing to you as favorites in your own list of favorites.
  4. You can send a link concerning detailed descriptions of hotels appealing to you to friends who would like to go on holiday with you. This is done by the function: Recommend this hotel.
  5. Objects for which you sent inquiries are saved in your request cart so that you can look at them again.
  6. You can enter comments concerning hotels that the landlords then can activate.
  7. You can enter general comments regarding Hotelio.
  8. You can recommend Hotelio via mail.
  9. You can enrol in the Hotelio-newsletter which informs you regularly about new entrants, if you like that.
  10. You can enter comments concerning hotels you have visited.
  11. You can save personal queries.

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